Mohamed6 la roilette du Maroc,  Degage toi sale  voleur, nous voulons                                                                              
  La republique libre  et democratique au Maroc. La revolution contre                             
ton regime dictatorial et mafieux est toujour active jusqu'a  la fin  de                           
de ta dictature de la lois de la foret  et du pillage, ..... si tu es Pharaon                                                                      
 Je suis Moïse. ta fin se raproche peu a peu, tu es un animal sauvage                                                                                                   

                                                                                                                                                                   Peter CHEMRAH                                                      

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    Democratic Republic of Morocco
Nous somme la tous les opposants du regime du zamel Mohamed6, soyez le bienvenue pour insulter le dictateur qui se croit sacre'.
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The most amazing is this prayer below, When i was being persecuted in Libya by the bloody regime of Gaddafi, because I'm Christian I was attacked many times, I was saved from many comspiracies of assissnation committed against me, or not paid when I work, or especially when I reject their temptation to become muslim. This is the prayer I was praying many times a day. Thanks be to God Most high for HE answered my prayer, and I became true through revolution against the dictators of Libya:

God Most high, I let my voice in desperation and I cried out to you,  destroy all who concoct a plots against me, let cries re-echo from their houses, let thier roofs fall down on their heads. So God bring raiders suddenly on them, for their murderous plots against me, God do NOT forgive their sins from your sight. Keep their crimes always in your mind. Dear God let me see the revenge you will take on the libyan scoundrels, nitwit vampires, bloody terrorists, malignant tyrants. Destroy them God. I ask this in the precious name of Jesus. Amen