Mohamed6 la roilette du Maroc,  Degage toi sale  voleur, nous voulons                                                                              
  La republique libre  et democratique au Maroc. La revolution contre                             
ton regime dictatorial et mafieux est toujour active jusqu'a  la fin  de                           
de ta dictature de la lois de la foret  et du pillage, ..... si tu es Pharaon                                                                      
 Je suis Moïse. ta fin se raproche peu a peu, tu es un animal sauvage                                                                                                   

                                                                                                                                                                   Peter CHEMRAH                                                      

Ahmed Fanan burn the dictator's picture Add Video

Charleston, South Carolina, October 27th 2015 Request to Abandon my Moroccan Nationality I, the undersigned bellow, Ahmed Fanan, Moroccan passport holder No. SW7319273, residing at 2914 8th Street Brighton Brooklyn New York 11235 United States. I declare, and I committed to my honor, and I am in full physical and mental strength that I give up my Moroccan citizenship. I don’t believe I am honored by Moroccan nationality, nor the king of the country, who is a thief, a killer, a predator of the Moroccan economy, a terrorist, religious extremist, and a reactionary Islamic ideology. He is a people kneel maker, degrades citizens, imposing on them the thought of obedience and submission. This Criminal King absorbs the blood of poor Moroccans, and makes people kneel to him, worship him. I have suffered a lot when I was in Morocco because of my progressive intellectual, and because I disagree with Mohammed VI Policy. I didn’t feel comfortable and safe in Morocco, and I become afraid to be Killed or tortured in Mohamed VI Prisons. The secret service didn’t allow me to continue my studies and have a job to feed my kids because I refuse to kiss the hand of the King, and Refused to say “Acha Almalik” (Long Life for The King), Because I believe more than 30 Million Moroccans have the right for life, not only the King. Finally, they refused to prosecute an adolescent (14 years old) who committed a sexual rape to my Son (6 Years old) because his father work with Moroccan Intelligence DST, and This father is an Islamic Extremist. Signature: Ahmed Fanan

Posted by Peter CHEMRAH on March 7, 2016 at 5:36 PM 1860 Views

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